Cleaning and Caring for your Sapphire Jewellery

Sapphire is one of the beautiful precious stones. Coming in full rainbow of hues, it is the second hardest stone, next to diamond. Its hardness makes it a popular stone to be used to make wide variety of jewellery for everyday wear. Sapphire looks beautiful with silver and platinum and sapphire engagement rings prove to be a good change from diamond rings. Beautifully designed sapphire jewellery is sure to give a special look for any occasion.

Sapphire Gemstone

Sapphire Gemstone

In spite of being hard and durable stone sapphire jewellery do require care and cleaning. These points can help you keep your sapphire jewellery ever stunning:

1)You must remember to remove your sapphire jewellery before indulging in any strenuous activity.
2) Also take care that your sapphire jewellery don’t get exposed to harsh chemicals which may damage its setting.
3)You can easily clean your sapphire jewellery at home by soaking it for 10-20 minutes in warm water with dishwashing liquid and then cleaning it with a soft cloth.
4) To store your sapphire jewellery place it in a separate space or in case you are storing it with
other stones, wrap it in a piece of cloth to avoid other stones being scratched by this hard stone.
5) Also take care that it is not exposed to sudden temperature changes which may lead the stone to crack.

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Sapphire Wedding Rings

Sapphire Wedding Rings – A token of everlasting love.

The most special day of your life, the wedding day accounts for everything to be at its best. That day is a day of commitment to stay together and share life with the person you are deeply in love with. It’s the day of celebration of your love. So to make it more memorable and a moment of lifetime gift an amazing piece of Sapphire wedding ring to your would be better half. Symbolizing faithfulness and sincerity, it will prove to be a perfect gift for a perfect day.

Sapphire Wedding Ring

Sapphire Wedding Ring

Sapphire wedding rings look as stunning as diamond rings and are becoming a popular alternative to diamond rings.  And if you don’t want to miss upon diamond you can have sapphire ring embellished with diamond to give your love a classic and aristocratic look. Available in several colours like blue, purple, pink, yellow, green, orange, each colour is a sign of your pure love for the one you love. You can choose any colour and it is sure to bring an air of love and romance to the environment.  So say “I do” on your wedding day with beautiful Sapphire Wedding ring and make the day when two souls unite to one a magical one.

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Types of Wedding Rings

There are varied types of wedding rings available to make a choice from. These rings can be made out of metals like gold, silver, platinum and titanium. If you want something simple and traditional go for simple wedding bands made of plain precious metal like the gold bands or platinum bands. If you have fancy for diamonds you can go for gold and diamond or silver and diamond rings. These days the craze for platinum and titanium rings is speeding up because of their durability and beauty. You can also opt for rings embedded with precious and semi precious stone making them impressive and attractive. You can also get your wedding rings engraved to give them a personal and unique touch. There are endless designs and styles available to make a  pick from. So spend some time to conduct proper research to choose the best wedding ring for your partner because he or she undoubtedly deserves the best.

Platinum Wedding Ring

Platinum Wedding Ring

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Wedding Rings

Exchanging wedding rings on the wedding day is something more than just a ceremony. It is the expression of eternal love and a promise to be together forever. It symbolizes the bonding and the attachment two people have shared and will be sharing for their lifetime. Before putting your hand on a wedding ring make sure to have a clear idea about the choice of your would be spouse and also have an idea about the ring which will suit best on his or her finger.

RHAPSODY 950 White Platinum Diamond Round 2.6 Faceted Ring having Size O0.750Ct. is showing below:

wedding ring

Wedding Ring

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Ruby necklaces- tempting and irresistible

Associated with the values of love, passion and success Ruby is among the most loved stone. It is used exclusively to make gorgeous jewellery. Its sheer red shade makes the jewellery adorned with ruby favourite accessory for women. One of the renowned accessories made with this gemstone is necklace. Necklaces beaded with ruby are tempting and makes the wearer looks ravishing. It can feature as a single pendant in necklaces or in combination with diamonds. Ruby necklaces adorning your neck can give you a look that can make you stand out of the crowd.

Ruby Necklace

Ruby Necklace

Being the birthstone of July, Ruby necklaces can prove to be a brilliant token of love for your dear ones born in the same month as the birthstone is said to be a sign of good luck. Gifting a beautiful ruby necklace can make it an accessory to be treasured forever. You can also gift ruby engraved heart shape pendant necklace to adorn the lady love of your life and make her heart melt. It can also revive your everlasting love by being a gift for 15th and 40th year of your wedding. Ruby necklaces at anytime can provide a boost to your beauty with its sparkle. Give you neckline a classic look with beautiful Ruby necklaces.

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Sterling Silver Bible Pendant

Prove your devotion to religion and spirituality with platinum and 22K overlay precious sterling silver Holy Bible Pendant. Falling from a silver chain this beautifully designed pendant comes out from the timeless and stunning brand J.Francis. This pendant incorporates the preaching of the Holy Bible to give a way to your life. Look stylish with a touch of devotion.

Chirstmas Pendant


bible pendant

Holy Bible Pendant

Shop this Pendant

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Gemstone Jewellery Buying Guide

The various jewellery options in tanzanite,  sapphire,  ruby, and emerald rings, earring, brcalets, and necklaces make for a perfect gift item on special occasions. To wear gemstone jewellery pieces are popular trend among celebrities.  Here are some tips that can help you to find the perfect piece of jewellery :

You need to know the personal style of the person to whom you would be giving the jewellery piece as well as his or her preferences when it comes to jewellery. you would have to know about your recipient taste. He or she will get to appreciate it more.

Consider how much you can afford on your purchase. Before you go shopping for jewellery, you must set a specific budget to spend on your gift. It is never a good idea to spend more than you can afford. Besides, just because a piece of jewellery is expensive, it does not always mean that the quality is good. When you browse for jewellery, you will find that some pieces are expensive but the quality of craftsmanship is questionable. On the other hand, some pieces are less expensive than most but are extraordinary in quality.

You have to go for gemstone jewellery with intense coloured gemstones. A little bit search about gemstones can help you to purchase real valued piece. Check whether the gemstones have undergone any artificial treatment for improving the colours.

You also have to pay attention to the cut as well as the clarity of the gemstones that are used in the jewelelry.

Since, the tanzanite, rubies, emeralds and sapphire gemstones are deep in colour; you should go for a setting that offers a perfect contrast to the gemstone. Mostly, people tend to go for settings that are made of platinum and white gold.

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Diamond Earring

Enjoy the luxury of diamond earring in 14k gold. Earrings add elegance to one’s personality and render sophisticated, elegant and fashionable look. Those who appreciate classic beauty prefer Gold Earrings.

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What to look for when buying a gold bracelet

Bracelets are worn and loved by both men and women .Nothing can be as stylish and as evergreen as a gold bracelet. It can compliment any outfit or be the perfect gift for loved ones. There are a wide range of gold bracelets available in the market ranging from the traditional ones to the most fashionable, and you can make a pick as per your style and need. So if at any time you are planning to buy a gold bracelet for yourself or as a gift for someone dear, here are some key points to remember to avoid picking up any fake jewellery.

gold bracelet

Gold Bracelet

1)  If you are buying a gold bracelet online, make sure the source is authentic as there are many fake sellers.

2) Durability of gold depends upon its mixture with other metals; with the knowledge of carat you can ensure the percentage of gold in the jewellery.

3) Look out for trademark, as it gives an assurance about the quality.

4) Do not forget to have a receipt mentioning the carat quality of your purchased bracelet.

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Emerald Ring Auction

An Emerald is a beautiful and amazing stone that anyone would love to have in their jewellery collection. An Emerald Ring looks fantastic because of the beauty of Emerald Gemstone studded in it. Emerald has been a gem of enthrallment for thousand of years. It has fascinated many cultures for about over six thousand years. Egyptian Princess Cleopatra was fond of Emeralds.

An Emerald Ring is considered to be a gift of love. It adds elegance and regal look to ones persona. In jewelry history Emerald Rings hold great place for being beautiful and graceful. Those embodying elegance have zest for Emerald Rings.

Auction online on 9k Yellow Gold Boyaka Colombian Emerald and Diamond Ring size: 1.100 ct. at The Jewellery Channel

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