What to look for when buying a gold bracelet

Bracelets are worn and loved by both men and women .Nothing can be as stylish and as evergreen as a gold bracelet. It can compliment any outfit or be the perfect gift for loved ones. There are a wide range of gold bracelets available in the market ranging from the traditional ones to the most fashionable, and you can make a pick as per your style and need. So if at any time you are planning to buy a gold bracelet for yourself or as a gift for someone dear, here are some key points to remember to avoid picking up any fake jewellery.

gold bracelet

Gold Bracelet

1)  If you are buying a gold bracelet online, make sure the source is authentic as there are many fake sellers.

2) Durability of gold depends upon its mixture with other metals; with the knowledge of carat you can ensure the percentage of gold in the jewellery.

3) Look out for trademark, as it gives an assurance about the quality.

4) Do not forget to have a receipt mentioning the carat quality of your purchased bracelet.


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